The benefits of having a living will
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The benefits of having a living will

| Sep 13, 2019 | Will |

Many estate owners in South Carolina have heard that they should have a living will. However, they may not be fully clear about what this document represents. A living will is also called an advance health care directive. This document provides specific details about how a person’s health care needs should be addressed if he or she is incapacitated and unable to make decisions about treatment. It can be a complex and emotionally challenging process to draft a living will because people will need to consider difficult topics about death or serious illness throughout the process.

At the same time, creating an advance health care directive is often very important. Many people have strong convictions about what they want to happen in case of a severe injury and reliance on life support. Because of the document’s name, many people think a living will is part of a will, the document that specifies how property should be divided after death. However, a living will deals with health care decisions. There are other kinds of documents, such as a living trust or a financial power of attorney, that people may want to create so that their assets and funds will be properly managed.

People who feel strongly about end-of-life decisions and the use of life support may find that having a living will provides them with peace of mind. An advance health care directive could also provide loved ones with clear knowledge about the creator’s wishes.

An advance health care directive is one part of a package of documents that can help make sure that key decisions are in place in case of an unexpected incident. An estate planning attorney can provide advice and guidance on writing a living will and other key documents.