Make legacy planning part of your estate plan
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Make legacy planning part of your estate plan

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You may have a carefully drafted estate plan that includes all the necessary documents to pass down your assets including personal property, real estate in Bluffton, money and other tangible items of value. However, have you thought of intangible assets you would like to pass on to your loved ones, such as important values, stories and family history? This is where legacy planning comes into the picture. The following is an overview of what you might include in a legacy plan.

Share your values

It is likely that you have certain values that are important to you and have guided you through life. For example, a mantra you may have followed may have been “never give up” or you may have made a ritual of doing one kind act a day. It is important to share these values with your loved ones. You may even want to cement these values in writing or through pictures, so your loved ones remember them after you are gone.

Share your stories

As you moved through life you had many personality-shaping or emotionally significant memories. It could be a childhood experience that shaped who you are today, or the memory of your wedding day. Even if the memories seem simple, they could provide your loved ones with a lot of insight into your life as well as serve as a way of remembering family history. Consider memorializing these memories in writing, so your loved ones can reflect on them after you are gone.

Family heritage

These days, it is possible to learn more about your ancestors than ever before. Genetic testing through a mere cheek swab can reveal what nations your ancestors came from. Or, perhaps you are interested in genealogy and are able to locate old photographs or documents such as birth certificates or death certificates. Even learning about the past three generations and sharing your findings with your family can help them feel connected to something greater than themselves.

Include a legacy plan in your estate plan

Estate planning and legacy planning can go hand in hand. You can include legacy planning clauses in your will, or you can include them as separate documents in your estate plan. Sometimes the most important things to pass down are not just tangible items; values, memories and heritage can be just as meaningful to your loved ones once you are gone.