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How to ask a chosen party to be your executor

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Will |

After determining the qualities you want your executor to possess and finding the right party, you need to initiate a conversation. But how do you ask someone to accept such a complex role?

Here are three tips that can help you:

Let them understand your criteria for choosing them

Chances are your chosen party will wonder why you picked them when you inform them about your choice. Even if they don’t ask, consider telling them the qualities you appreciate in them. Let them know you believe they are trustworthy, responsible, confident, organized, fair and so on.

Acknowledge the complexities of the position

Being an executor can be demanding. Their duties can be complicated and time-consuming. Thus, let your chosen party know you understand you are asking a lot from them but will provide the help they need to perform their duties, including ensuring they are adequately informed about the estate and connecting them with professionals you work with.

Give them time

Once your executor understands why you chose them and the weight of their expected duties, let them know that they don’t need to give you an answer immediately. Encourage them to take time to learn more about the position to make an informed decision.

It can also be beneficial to inform them they are your first choice, but you have a second or third option. This way, they won’t feel guilty turning down the position if they are unwilling to serve, as they know you have other options.

Note that it’s vital to have alternative executors who also possess your non-negotiable qualities. Consider employing these tips when having a conversation with them as well.

Asking someone to be your executor can be challenging. However, being well-informed can help you have a smooth conversation.