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Estate Planning For Peace Of Mind

If you are retired and do not have an estate plan yet, contact my firm today. Even if you aren’t retired, you need to plan.

I can help you create a personalized estate plan tailored to your individual circumstances. I create estate plans and draft your documents such as:

  • Last will and testaments
  • Revocable (sometimes called “living”) trusts
  • Health care powers of attorney
  • Durable (financial) powers of attorney
  • Living wills (called a “declaration of a desire for a natural death”)

If you do not have a will, your property could go to heirs you did not intend to benefit. In South Carolina, if you are married with children and pass without a will, your spouse does not inherit your entire estate.

If you are having to plan for an incapacitated loved one, we can help you manage guardianships and conservatorships.

Planning Now Is A Benefit

I am J. Aaron Nelson Jr., and I offer services for a wide range of estate planning clients.

If you have young children, it is essential to create your estate plan with provisions designating your choice of the guardian if you and your spouse become incapacitated and can no longer provide for your family.

Life changes constantly, and I can help you with vital updates to your estate documents. If you and your spouse created a trust, now may be the time to review it for updates, particularly if your spouse recently passed away.

Your revocable trust needs to be funded and maintained. If your assets have changed, if you moved states or acquired new assets, it is a good idea to review your trust.

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