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Month: November 2020

When can a trust be contested in South Carolina?

Trusts can be a great estate planning tool for South Carolina residents. Trusts can give a person more control over how their assets are passed down and the terms and conditions that beneficiaries must meet. It’s not entirely uncommon for beneficiaries to disagree...

Choosing the right type of trust for your goals

South Carolina residents have a variety of trust options for estate planning purposes. Trusts offer several benefits, such as asset protection, tax savings, and control over how and when assets are distributed. However, selecting the right trust depends on your...

What is the probate process in South Carolina?

Probate refers to the procedure in which a South Carolina court oversees the closing of an estate. The court verifies the will's validity and ensures that the executor pays the estate's debts before they follow the decedent's directives for distributing the remaining...

Avoid estate tax with a dynasty trust

Dynasty trusts provide grantors in South Carolina a way to avoid the various transfer taxes that your estate may otherwise incur. But for it to work, you have to make sure you set everything up correctly on the first try. What are dynasty trusts good for? The big...